About me

My passion for travelling

“What did you study?” A question I still get on a regular basis. “Tropical Landuse at the Wageningen University” is my answer. “Why?” Good question, why actually, well uh … it sounded …… tropical. This study seemed to me the perfect opportunity to see more of the world and that has turned out pretty well. An introduction trip to Tunisia, a practical in southern Spain, an internship in India and thesis research in Argentina. I got the taste for travelling. My fascination for faraway places comes from my father, who worked in shipping and was away from home for months. The wall in my nursery was covered from the ceiling to the ground with postcards from every part of the world. Every night before going to sleep I quickly looked at all the postcards and always thought … … I want to visit all those places.

In October 2017 I became a mother of beautiful twins and for the time being there are no major journeys planned, but never say never. By writing about the places where I’ve been, I can relive these moments again. In my travel blogs I will write about the most beautiful, magical and special places I have visited on this planet, recently or a little while ago.

My passion for books

My other huge passion is reading books. That is something I got from my mother, she was reading book after a book and she already took us to the library when we were very little. Paul Biegel, Astrid Lindgren, Roald Dahl, Guus Kuijer, Annie MG Schmidt and later on Thea Beckman and Evert Hartman, just to name a few of the most famous (mostly Dutch) children’s book writers that I read as a child. I still read everything! There is nothing like a new book, where you open the first page with fresh smelling paper that will be read for the first time. You start reading the first lines and in no time you will end up in a completely different world. There are so many wonderful stories told and I would like to share that with my readers. Yet not every book is of course equally well written, or equally moving, funny, exciting or compelling as the other. They do not all fit into my top 10, but in my book blogs I will try to briefly and concisely explain why this particular book is worth reading.

This website

I would like to make clear that I personally have been to all the places I will write about and that I have read all the books from A to Z. All photos you will find on my blog are mine. If for any reason a photo does not belong to me, I will mention this explicitly in the blog.

For most of my blogs I will post a link to the book, travel guide or any other related product to one of my affiliate partners such as Bol.com, Amazon.com, Bookdepository.com or Wordery.com. Through this way you can purchase the book or product that you have become enthusiastic about (or buy as a gift) so I will hopefully be able to buy my first Louis Vuitton bag (just kidding).

I will do my best to post something on a weekly basis and you can follow me and share via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp (the latter only via mobile phone).

Okay, I talked enough about myself …… enjoy reading!!!