The Affordable Art Fair

A travel blog about Amsterdam, sure…..if you live in Borculo it is a long way travelling to Amsterdam haha. Yesterday I skipped work and went on a road trip with Reinier. We got free tickets for The Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam.

In London we had already visited this once on a lazy Sunday afternoon. As it turns out, the concept has spread throughout the world. Amsterdam is next and it’s this week. You can also visit The Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg, Singapore, Milan, Brussels, New York, Hong Kong and Stockholm. Just in case you accidently might be in one of these cities. Almost forget to mention The Affordable Art fair will be organised in London of course, every spring and autumn.

What is so nice about The Affordable Art Fair? It is a hall filled with artwork that you can buy immediately. The prices range from €100 – €6000, no more and no less. There are about 75 different stands of artists and mainly galleries, which again represent several artists. There is a bit of everything. It is one big creative explosion. That gives you energy. Your eyes constantly wander towards the paintings, sketches, photographs and sculptures. And then … bam, boom, suddenly something hits you that you have to keep looking at.

We did not come with the intention to necessarily buy something. Unfortunately we didn’t. And now there are two paintings in my head that I would like to hang on my wall. I did not even remember the names of the artists. Is that bad? Don’t think so. I want to buy a work of art because it touches me, inspires me and is an image that is pleasing to watch, over and over again. Took the business card of the gallery though. I will have to sleep on it another night.

The Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam is this year from 1-4 November, so be quick this weekend. Tickets are € 15 (€ 13 students / seniors). Location: De Kromhouthal, Gedempte Hamerkanaal 231, 1021KP, Amsterdam

See their website: for more information and other locations and dates.

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