Pretty relaxed, right, when one of your best friends has a campsite in France. I am saying…..very relaxed! The Domaine des Messires campsite is located in the Vosges.

From the Netherlands, you quickly hit Luxembourg, drive past Metz and Nancy and you are off the motorway before you know it. Even from Australia I tried to visit every year. That did not always work out, but this year was not to be missed. Very exciting, for the first time without my children for a few nights, whaahh. After almost 6 months this mommy had earned a girls weekend, yeah.

I had a bag full of cheese, raisin rolls, chocolate flakes, liquorice and Tony Chocolonely’s (I know from my own experience that it is worth gold). My two friends picked me up from Eindhoven train station. The girls weekend was about to begin!

For days I have been looking forward to the real French chocolate and almond croissants. Every morning fresh from the bakery and can be picked up at the reception if ordered in advance. Camping Domaine des Messires is located along a beautiful lake and is surrounded by forest. It is a quiet family campsite where you can really relax. It has its own bistro restaurant and lots of entertainment for kids.

Well….I grew up camping with my mum, dad and sister, but my boyfriend has other thoughts about camping to say the least. We tried once, but within a week we (he) booked a hotel. For these less active campers, this campsite has Mobile Homes. Mini homes with the comfort of real beds, a kitchen, toilet/shower and a private terrace. And April is still cold, isn’t it…..so we have treated ourselves by booking a mobile home (smile).

This year we were able to try a brand new one!! I have slept like a rose and chatted, ate, chatted, ate and chatted. A visit to the local supermarché in the village is a funny adventure where you can buy delicious snacks. It always smells so…ehm, French. Bought wine obviously and some gifts for home.

What a nice weekend it was thanks to Fen, Jo and Gies! And it was nice to see two sweet, happy faces again at home, plus boyfriend with our dog who seemed to have everything under control. We should do this again very soon.

So, please visit the website: www.domainedesmessires.com/en

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