The Girl Who Saved

The author of this book is probably best known for his bestseller The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared. If you have read this book and think the writer has put  all his crazy ideas and ridiculously funny stories in one book, you are wrong.

Jonas Jonasson’s second novel The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden is just as hilarious and crazy as his first novel. I bet you will smile from ear to ear while reading the book. It is actually hard to explain why this book is so funny without giving away the plot.

The author easily comes up with the most bizarre situations for his protagonists. A South African girl who grew up in a slum and two brothers from Sweden. They will meet many lively idiots and other striking figures.

This book will draw you into the adventures of the main characters immediately. The adventures are quite unlikely and yet it is possible to believe that it could have happened. Although, who survives a jump from a helicopter by falling into his own pillow factory? And how is it possible that a cleaning lady is in possession of an atomic bomb for years?

In other words, don’t expect sophisticated literature, however this book is very entertaining and extremely funny.

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