Madam Secretary

I hardly read autobiographies. Actually thinking about it, this book is probably the first I have read so far.

For some reason I am not very interested in the personal lives of actors, football players, world leaders or other public figures who have led a seemingly very interesting life. So why should you read this book?  ​

This book tells the story of an extraordinary woman who fled from her country of birth, former Czechoslovakia. She immigrated to the USA as a little girl with her parents and little sister. Almost 50 years later Madeleine Albright has become the first female Secretary of State of the United States of America. Although I am not an outspoken feminist, not even close haha, I feel tremendous admiration for this woman. She managed to get one of the most prestigious jobs in the world in a predominantly male political arena.

Her journey to this position during the second Clinton administration is full of determination and hard work. This sounds very boring. However, Madeleine Albright has written a very personal story about her experience as Secretary of State. It gives the reader a very detailed insight in the way she navigated between conflicts and crisis all around the world. She minutely describes how negotiations between world leaders and their team of advisors developed. Especially where she played a pivotal role in getting all the noses in the same direction. She has the ability to show empathy with even the worst enemies of the USA in order to win their trust and achieve the results she had in mind.

Having said that, it does not mean she was always successful. I personally do not always agree with every decision that was made on her account. However, this book reads like a novel, like one big adventure about a woman full of ideals. And a woman with a huge amount of energy who proves to me that anything in life is possible.

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