New York – My top 5 places to eat

As promised in my previous blog New York – My top 10 things to do hereby  my new blog about New York – My top 5 places to eat.

1 – Katz’s Delicatessen

Holy moly, this one is good! Not to be missed Deli according to our American friends. Reinier and I don’t eat much meat anymore (watch the documentary Cowspiracy!), but sometimes you will have to let go. I would recommend the pastrami sandwich to everyone, including vegetarians. The meat is melting on your tongue and the flavour is exquisite. The building itself looks like a classic 60ties diner, and I would have walked passed if it wasn’t recommended to us.

Inside the Deli, you walk back in time. It has this massive counter with cutters behind it, preparing your food. At the door you will receive a ticket, which you will need for your order. Old fashioned neon advertising, simple furniture, pictures of the rich and famous along the walls from top till the panelling and sawdust on the floor to prevent you from slipping. And…a sign hanging from the ceiling marking a table in the middle where the famous restaurant scene was shot from the movie When Harry met Sally…..oh that scene…yep. The pastrami sandwich is not cheap, US$ 21.45 each, but definitely worth the price. It is advisable to either share one or ask for a doggy bag and eat the other half in the park during lunch! Address: 205 East Houston Street (corner of Ludlow Street), New York.

2 – Momofuku – Noodle Bar

If you like Asian food and you are in for some delicious ramen or would like to try the famous pork buns, this is the place to be. It’s all about the food in this restaurant that doesn’t look fancy, but certainly has a well organised busy vibe. It is not possible to make a reservation, so make sure you put your name down on the list for the evening. Depending on the waiting time, you can decide to grab a beer nearby. Apparently, this is the first Momofuku restaurant of the Momofuku franchise. And I don’t mean by franchise the Mc Donalds way. Momofuku Ko, also located in New York, has two Michelin stars, just saying. Address: 171 1st Avenue, New York.

3 – Egg

This is a great place to start your day like we did. Or have a solid lunch before you dive into the shopping area. Great coffee, great eggs. According to their menu the eggs are laid by free-roaming hens. They try to buy their products from local farmers. Well, there you have me. And they inspired me to unleash my creative me, myself and I. Ahum, well I tried. The table cloth is actually a large paper roll, and every table has a glass with crayons. Probably intended for children only, but hey. Address: 109 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn.

Drawing our dog Chap! Check the end result on my Facebook page and Instragram account.

Oh and if you are in Williamsburg don’t forget to visit Café Beit (158 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn) and Charter coffee (109 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, which was close to our Airbnb) for great espresso’s and baked goods.

4 – Minetta Tavern

Although Reinier still believes the best burger he ever had was at Burger Theory in Adelaide, I disagree, and I have a new number 1. Go for the Black Label Burger, dry-aged beef cuts with caramelised onions at Minetta Tavern. Make sure you have a reservation or come in early (open for dinner at 5.30pm). The next available table for two was at 11pm, but luckily there was room at the bar. A classic bar, made completely out of wood and stocked with hundreds of bottles of American bourbon, rum and other liquors matching the authentic and cosy atmosphere of the restaurant. The guys serving behind the bar are doing their utmost best to prepare yummy cocktails, let’s say one is not enough haha. Address: 113 Macdougal Street, New York.

5 – The Doughnuttery at Chelsea Market

As explained in my previous blog about New York, the Chelsea Market is a Walhalla for foodies. There is something for everybody. French crêpes, a lobster place, Italian pasta, Berlin sausages, a few bakeries, sushi, icecream, chocolates, a noodle bar, even Mexican-Japanese cuisine. Too much to mention. There is this colourful Malaysian market, a wine vault, an independent bookseller and other funny stores as well. But….you have to visit the Doughnuttery. It is a bit hidden in the back, somewhere in the middle of the market. Just check for their sign board (or ask). The mini donuts are made right in front of you. They have a selection of the most surprising and exotic flavours. My favourite….Paris Time, with lavender, pistachio and vanilla. Address: 75 9th Avenue (between 15th and 16 Streets), New York.

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