The Horizontal Falls

Ever heard of a horizontal waterfall? Do they exist? Yes, for sure, they certainly do. You can visit The Horizontal Falls in Australia. There are actually two of them close to each other, bonus! This extremely rare natural phenomenon is one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen.

When my parents-in-law came to visit us in Australia while we lived there for a few years, we decided to explore the northwest of Australia together. You might think…ehm…a holiday with your in-laws??? That sounds like disaster. But…I am a lucky girl, they are the sweetest persons and good company. So I planned a road trip from Broome to Darwin. There are so many highlights, but the Horizontal Falls should be on your list of things to do when you are in the area.

Apart from the fact that it is a rare phenomenon, it is practically impossible to travel to… least on your own. This means that you will have to book a tour with a private plane, well private….almost. Does that sound expensive to you, ehmm, oops it does…..but let’s forget about that for a second. You’re not travelling with an ordinary plane, but with a seaplane! How cool is that!

We left from Broome airport in Western Australia and flew northeast past Derby. The flight itself is mesmerizing. You will see beautiful beaches with blue green water and countless lagoons. The inland with its characteristic semi desert look and straighter than straight red coloured dirt roads. Finally you dive into no-man’s-land with a labyrinth of sea inlets. And then suddenly you can distinguish two parallel ridges with almost identical gaps in both of them. You immediately notice that the water is running wildly through the gorges seeing the white swirling water clouds.

Fieww, that was the softest landing ever. It is a funny feeling when you hardly notice the difference between flying and floating. We docked on a floating base where lunch was served. Another seaplane arrived and together with a handful of other tourists we boarded a small but seriously equipped power boat. We discovered soon that this fellow needed all the engine power it had. The season and the tide define whether you can get close to the waterfalls. We didn’t visit during the roughest season, so the captain steered the boat through the first waterfall. Absolutely spectacular! The second waterfall was apparently too strong so we stayed downstream.

I have to admit that the photos don’t look as spectacular as I have experienced during this exciting adventure. Anyway, it is a highly recommended trip! Look for Horizontal Falls Adventures to book a tour in advance. Click on:

Back in Broome you should finish the day with a beer (or more) at Matso’s. It is an authentic but trendy brewery & pub with a large veranda and lots of outdoor seating. Try their famous Mango Beer (great taste!) or go crazy and try the Angry Ranga Ginger & Chili…..did not try this one, but it should be good haha. Visit the website to check their home made beer, click on:

Who is not curious about Australia? I will write about it more often. It’s a country that has left an unforgettable impression on me. Do you have plans to visit Australia and need some help? Buy the Lonely Planet, still my biggest friend when I am travelling.

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