The Constant Gardener

I don’t read many thriller/spy novels. And I don’t know why actually. So far, The Constant Gardener by John le Carré has been the only book I have read from this famous and acclaimed writer. Which is odd, because I like the genre and I absolutely loved this book.

To start with the end (without giving the plot away), it is pretty shocking. Like a “oh my gosh” moment. Of all the options I had in mind I didn’t expect this to be the end of the book.

The Constant Gardener is not a classic spy novel. In his book, the writer focuses this time on large corrupt multinationals. In this case the pharmaceutical industry. They will do whatever it takes to keep their dirty side business a secret. And dirty it is…..

So, in this book there is much at stake and in a way it is a sad story. The protagonist, Justin Quayle, is a British diplomat and he lives with his wife Tessa in Nairobi, Kenya. Tessa is a human rights activist and she is the love of his life. When Tessa is murdered during one of her field trips, her colleague is accused of being the murderer. Justin thinks this is a highly unlikely scenario. He immediately feels the story about the murder isn’t right. But how do you prove that? Justin therefore starts his own investigation. He reluctantly becomes a kind of spy.

That is the start of a fascinating cat and mouse game, where the protagonist tries to outsmart the dominant powerhouse. The Constant Gardener needs a little time to pick up, but when coming up to full speed, you can’t stop reading.  A thrilling story, and like I said before, with a mind blowing ending.

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