The President is Missing

If this year every book is a page-turner, then it should be very easy to complete my Book Challenge 2019. The page-turner is The President is Missing from Bill Clinton and James Patterson. Did you just read, Bill Clinton? Hell yes!

The old Bill, the man who would have loved to become the “First Gentlemen” of America. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. So, then you just write an outstanding thriller combining all your knowledge about the presidency. And so he did.

The President is Missing doesn’t kick off with a bang, but has rather a slow start. A president who must come before a committee of inquiry. Political pushing and shoving. Introductions of political characters and staff. But from page 30-40 it becomes clear that there is something else going on. As a reader you realize piece by piece that something big is going to happen. A president who ends up missing and nobody knows, how, what, where and why. You just don’t get enough information to be able to draw your own conclusions. This means you want to continue reading at lightning speed.

The president in this book is called Jon Duncan, but it’s Bill Clinton you see before you all the time. Of course, their lives do not run parallel. President Duncan has just lost his wife to cancer, but he has, for example, one daughter.

The fact that Bill Clinton is the author makes this book extra interesting. You may assume that details of a president’s security and the complex way in which communication takes place, are based on personal experience.

In the book the tension is continually mounting because of various events that follow each other quickly. And yet Bill Clinton has made room to shape the president’s line of thought. Choices that have to be made from only bad options. The many advisors with their own opinions. A final decision that only the president must make eventually. The loneliness of being in office while you are never alone or left alone.

This book picks up a very relevant theme. I’m not going to tell you what it is. In any case, the story is so horrifying credible that we should all worry. If in reality something happens like what happens in this book…..ehm. And then I’m not talking about the missing of a US president.

A nice piece of work by Bill Clinton and his writing partner James Patterson. Very entertaining book, exciting, relevant and definitely a page-turner haha!

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