The Shadow of the Wind

A tiny second-hand bookshop in the south of England, where even I had to duck to get inside. Books, piled up from the ground to the ceiling in little creep and crawl niches. The smell of old paper and all those book titles that stared at me, pick me, pick me.

I can’t remember anymore why I chose The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I must have read a review somewhere or the title attracted me or it was the short summary on the back. Do you pick a book, or does the book pick you?

Who knows…..something you might wonder about at the beginning of this book. The 10-year-old Daniel visits the Cemetery of Forgotten Books with his father. The Cemetery of Forgotten Books is somewhere hidden in the centre of Barcelona. Only a few booksellers know about its existence. Daniel may choose a book. He must thereby promise that the book will never disappear and that it will always stay alive. Daniel chooses the book The Shadow of the Wind, written by a certain Julián Carax.

Well, then you already have me….. a secret library, a book antiquarian and a child that is in the possession of a special book. While reading these first pages you immediately feel that this is not an ordinary book.

Daniel dives into a dizzying mystery including love, murder and friendship. But not just. Carlos Ruiz Zafón has written an exciting story within a story with extraordinary plot twists. With this book you physically pick up a movie. You walk through beautiful scenery, meet amazing people and feel the tension when Daniel gets closer and closer to the truth about The Shadow of the Wind. From the beginning you can no longer put the book away. It is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read.

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