I love it when you pick up a book from your bookshelf where you suddenly find things like old notes, the receipt, a postcard or a boarding pass.

Apparently, I bought Freakonomics at Melbourne Airport, but I used a boarding pass for a flight from Perth to Denpasar Bali Airport as a bookmark. Haha, great memories and a fun book.

It is probably the weirdest book I have ever read. It’s all in the title. The book is freakish and about economics. What…..a book about economics, boring. Well, I promise you, this book is far from boring.

The two writers investigate whether the assumptions we make too easily about trends in our society are correct. Everything based on research and/or data and available statistics. In cases where figures or percentages are shown to make their point, the writers keep the language clear and simple. Even this economic “wonder girl” could understand everything, haha.

This book is a waterfall of funny facts. Many bizarre questions are asked. Everything crisscrossed. However, it makes the book a bit chaotic, but at the same time it keeps your attention. You fall from one surprise to another. That makes this book so much fun.

Just to warm you up a little…..What do school teachers and Sumo wrestlers have in common? Why do drug dealers still live with their moms? What do online daters lie about? Which is more dangerous: a gun or a swimming pool? Does the name you give your child affect his life? Or is it your life reflected in his name? It is only a small selection of the many things the writers give answers to.

One small remark. The book focuses primarily on trends and issues in the US. As a European bookworm. Therefore it would have been nice to read more about global trends. So, it seems that the writers have slightly broadened their horizon in their second book Superfreakonomics. Nonetheless, here is still a suggestion to make an international version…Totalfreakonomics??

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