Yes, they still do exist! New books that blow you away. Circe by Madeline Miller. A book about Greek mythology…..really?

Still, Greek gods and their stories continue to fascinate us to this day. Only, the big question is, why do I know so little about them.

The myths and legends seem limited to thick history books, visits to a museum with old artefacts, occasionally a reference in contemporary literature, and a film now and then. What was the story about the Trojan horse again? Zeus is the supreme god or not? The name Odysseus sounds familiar to me, but ehhh….. And yes, there is this story of the Minotaur, a monster, half human, half bull that lives in a labyrinth under a palace. I once read this story as a fairy tale.

Zeus, Apollo, Eros, Hermes, Aphrodite, Athena, just a few names that I know from the list with innumerable gods. But this book is not about them. This book is about Circe. To me, the name Circe didn’t ring a bell. But be honest, what do you know about Greek gods?

Circe is a daughter of Helios, the god of the sun. Soon it turns out that Circe does not have a divine gift at all. She wanders aimlessly through the hallways of her father’s palace. Circe is ignored or worse, ridiculed, because according to the other gods and nymphs she can’t do anything special.

This is how you roll into a story about a woman who is looking for recognition, love and a place in the world of gods and mortals. A story so beautiful, easy written and moving that you completely forget that you read about mythological figures, who all have their own Wiki!

Madeline Miller is an extraordinary storyteller. With the small amount of facts and stories known about Circe, Miller knows how to weave them effortlessly into a compelling story. Circe comes to life, Circe is real. You feel her humiliation, her jealousy, her burning desire to belong to something.

As soon as Circe discovers that she possesses certain magic powers, everything changes. Her father Helios, the rest of her family and other gods despise witchcraft. Also in the world of man Circe has to prove how to maintain herself as an immortal soul. Wandering charlatans, handsome craftsmen and war-hungry heroes put Circe to the test.

The gods are unpredictable, mysterious and mean. Mortals are unreliable though clever and helpful. This book is about a strong woman, very lonely, but determined, who draws strength from everything she loves.

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