The Rosie Project

Bill Gates recommended this book to me…..ok not in person (that would be something), but while reading an American news site a little banner popped up saying “6 books Bill Gates says you should read”.

Of course I was curious what this billionaire and above all computer nerd would advise.

Unfortunately the list contained the most boring books about business & politics with one exception. The Rosie Project written by Graeme Simsion. I suspect Bill Gates liked this book, because he might have recognised himself (a little) in the main character Don Tillman who is a professor of genetics. Anyway, I was curious enough to run straight to the bookstore.

Don is quite an odd duck and also extremely clumsy with women to say the least. On the other hand, he believes that his social status should not be an obstacle to finding a suitable woman. According to Don he has his affairs in order, a good job, a healthy strong body and a high IQ. He therefore starts The Wife Project. This self-invented project involves a huge questionnaire for his future dates. The questionnaire contains a number of Don’s absurd  criteria which should help him to make a good scientific selection.

And then he meets Rosie, who does not meet any criteria. She is a waitress, she is always late for appointments and besides she is a smoker and a drinker what Don finds disgusting. Yet he finds her amusing. Just because Rosie has been excluded from The Wife Project, Don decides to help Rosie in her search for her biological father.

In a very entertaining way the writer describes a very clumsy Don while cooperating with Rosie on The Father Project. It certainly produces a lot of moments where you will have to chuckle. The book is not only funny, but is witty and has some surprising twists in the story. It is also a touching book, because, oh my goodness, you keep hoping that this weirdo will find the love of his life.

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