Michelle Obama

I’m going to see Michelle Obama! Unfortunately, I am probably not going to meet her personally (I think). I have tickets for her book presentation at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam next month! I’m so excited!

Well, you might wonder, what’s so special about that? Ha, I actually don’t know either. She suddenly seems like a superstar, and not because she can sing (although, check YouTube for the Carpool Karaoke with James Corden).

Michelle Obama simply speaks to my imagination. Especially now that I have read her book. How do you stay “normal” when your husband suddenly becomes President of the United States of America.

Michelle Obama writes very openly about her childhood in Chicago. There she grows up in the South Side with her parents and older brother Craig.

She explains very detailed what her world looked like as a child. A loving family, where her parents were keen to let their children take every opportunity available. Michelle often emphasizes that she feels that she has to prove herself again and again, because she is of African-American descent.

Her first meeting with Barack Obama is hilarious. The book tells little about Barack. And by that I mean all the political issues and events surrounding his presidency. Michelle, on the other hand, describes the man she is married to. The thinker, the philosopher, the disorganised messy person, but a man full of ambitions. That often clashes with her own character, the practically yet purposeful woman who is super organised.

What happens if your husband wins the primary elections against all odds and then the general elections? Which protocols will take effect? What freedom of movement do you still have, literally? How do you raise your children who suddenly call the White House their home, for 8 years long. And not to forget, what will be your role as First Lady?

Getting the answers to these questions makes this book so much fun. Because that’s what you’re curious about, or at least I was. What’s behind this power couple? On television you see a very controlled, eloquent president with a woman by his side who also always shows up impeccably. And above all she engages in all kinds of social initiatives. What were her motives, how did she experience the White House, what surprised Michelle, what were her concerns?

Therefore, this book is very entertaining to read, because it’s a book that inspires and Michelle Obama remains unpretentious. That sounds like a negative word, but it means that she fortunately is not trying to give some “wise” lessons or show how well she and Barack have done. Quite the opposite. Never give up, be yourself and don’t get carried away. That could be a good slogan of the book.

Well well, we’re going to see next month! Let’s see if I don’t get carried away too much, haha.

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